Will You See What I See?


When you look at a house, what do you see?

Do you know what you don’t know? I will help you see things differently.
After you have found the right house in the right location with the right features, when you look at them, what do you actually see?

Of course it has to have enough bedrooms but are those bedrooms equipped with working smoke detectors?

Naturally the bathrooms have to have running water but is the toilet secured tightly and not leaking? And is the GFCI outlet (if there is one) in working order.

Does that deck look right to you? Will you see the safety hazards I do? Do you know when the steps, handrails, balusters and the structural system meet the proper requirements?


There are always two ways to look at something

Are you aware of what to look for in the electric panel? When I remove the cover, I will tell you if the electrical service meets the current safety standards and if you should plan for future upgrades.

When you look at a room you may be thinking of what color to paint it. I will look for irregularities in the surfaces you plan to paint.

These are just a few examples of what I see when I look.

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