Bathroom inspections are visual and operational. Inspectors operate plumbing fixtures to determine the presence of leaks and look for water damage.

  • Bathroom walls, ceilings and floors are inspected based on normal building practices for homes of similar age and construction and exclude cosmetic items.
  • Interior portions of the doors and windows are inspected for proper ventilation and ease of operation.
  • Inspection of the exhaust vent systems should detect whether or not venting extends to the outdoor atmosphere. Systems that recirculate indoors should be corrected as excessive moisture build-up from high humidity conditions may lead to water related damage.
  • Bathroom shelves, cabinets and counters are inspected for acceptable operation. The presence of conditioned air sources to the bathrooms and their condition is reported.
  • Bathroom plumbing systems are inspected for leaks which may affect shower, tub and sink surroundings. Inspectors examine and look for evidence of leaks at the junction of walls and floors.